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Expert Solutions for Arcade Game Maintenance

Comprehensive Arcade Repair and Maintenance Services

We provide repairs and maintenance plans for family entertainment centers throughout the Southeastern United States. We offer special rates for projects such as new arcade setup, cashless system (swiper) overhauls, consulting/training, and electronics removal/recycling.

We are licensed and insured, provide all of our own tools, and always send professional arcade technicians to diagnose and repair your games.

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Other Services

We recommend a first time visit include a full “I/O check” in which we deep-dive into testing all games and report on any and all functionality (gameplay), safety, lighting, audio, and cosmetic issues that we are able to uncover. We then provide you with this report as well as a recommended visit frequency by our team based on the condition of your game room.

Arcade Diagnostics And Repairs

Part Look-up, Summary Compilation, And Ordering

(with customer approval)

Removal And Recycling Of Decommissioned Games

Game Room Layout And Game Product Consultation

Basic On-site Training With Game Room Staff

(quick fixes, Embed/Intercard/Amusement Connect backend)

Restocking Of Basic Game Consumable Parts Such As Air Hockey Pucks, Basketballs, Etc.

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About Starrcade Amusements

Welcome to Starrcade Amusements – your one-stop destination for exceptional arcade game experiences and specialized repair services.

Our Journey

Starrcade Amusements was formed in Georgia by a small group of arcade technicians who saw an abundance of opportunity in a dwindling arcade repair workforce, outside of a small handful of very large corporations. Our customers tell us constantly that they “just can’t find good people anymore” or that their technical staff roster has been a revolving door since the pandemic.

Our Commitment

Even as contractors, we make it our goal to build long-term relationships with our clients. We work every day with owners and operators who rely on us to take the headache of maintenance and part ordering off their plate and onto ours. Many operators make the mistake of trying to take on these complex duties themselves, resulting in hundreds of hours of misdirected time that they could instead be spending in other areas of their business.

As of late 2022, we service 30+ locations around the Southeastern US and we are adding more every day.